Sunday, November 7, 2010

Sunday Afternoon at Chateau Gahan

This crisp Autumn weather makes me happy and full of the urge to nest. After all of my church stuff this morning, came home to a house warmed with sunshine and a puppy dog eager to run outside in the leaves then come in for a rest (which involves, as you can see, migrating from sofa to chair to back door . . . the life).

Christmas music on and I'm camped out in the study to work on this year's office Feast. This theme is a heartfelt one; I hope that it's as visually pleasing as what I picture in my head!?!?!?

Found this biscuit tin at the Women's League thrift store. It found a home on top of a stack of vintage plates underneath the cloche.I wouldn't normally buy a secondhand rug, but with a big dog, rugs can get dirty quickly. And I don't mean just the kind of dirty that's easily remedied with a sweep of the vacuum. The ken rug had seen better days and so I started shopping discount stores like TJ Maxx and Marshalls, but still didn't want to drop $100. Out this weekend to Best Thrift (one of my favorites in town), this set arrived the day before and I snatched it up. $30 for the two. Both in excellent condition with no smell, looped construction, perfect for the ken and the kitchen. The bottom line is that I've now got too many colors going on in these two rooms, but it gives it a carefree, haphazardly homey put-together English countryside feel.


Claudia said...

I love seeing photos of your home, Dawn. It is indeed cozy, warm and welcoming. We have that English Cottage look here, as well.

I think the new rugs will do very nicely. And your sweet Gideon is adorable.


Ashley said...

I love those rugs! You're such a Thriftanista!

Empty Nest Full Life said...

Everything is looking beautiful over at your place. We will begin laundry room re-do tomorrow with out goal to have that finished by Thanksgiving, then on to the kitchen. The rug is beautiful and what a great find! Jackie

Elizabeth said...

Puppy looks so cozy on that chair. I love your home, it is so fresh and cozy feeling. :)

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