Thursday, November 25, 2010

Gideon as Symbolic of this Thanksgiving Day

My parents are up in Maryland this holiday with my sister and her family, which left me and Harleigh here. We debated going up as well, but circumstances arose that were complicating the trip up, and to be honest, she and I started liking the idea of what we could make of the day.

Up by 9:00 to watch the Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade, then on to the National Dog Show (which is always a favorite of Gideon's), we lunched on turkey and some random thrown-together sides, Harleigh went for a run followed by a shower, then we crafted with Christmas music on (at this point a shower was not part of my plan and so I crafted with extremely dirty hair), topped off with watching White Christmas and Snowden on Ice, two of our favorite holiday movies.

And so here is Gideon showing the world what a lazy day it was at Chateau Gahan. The theme of his day was "roving nap." The last picture shows Harleigh ankle deep in the Christmas chain she's making for our tree. Ala last year, we're dressing our tree this year in decor that can be thrown away or recycled. The paper chain she's making is using vintage sheet music sent to us by my Dad a couple of years ago. So very pretty. We're brainstorming what other "dressings" we'll be making for our stately everygreen.


Rachel said...

It sounds like the perfect way to spend the day, Dawn! And Gideon obviously enjoyed having you home with him :)

Elizabeth said...

Love the paper chain idea with the sheet music. This year in the French magazine Marie Claire Idees they did a whole layout on doing fun Christmas decor with sheet music.
Sounds like you had such a fun day with Harleigh.

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