Sunday, May 30, 2010

Reader's Digest Condensed Books, Post-Grooming Nap, Memorial Day Bunting

Two things draw me to the series of Reader's Digest Condensed Books (and neither has anything to do with the stories inside). One is the spines. I have several of these books on my mantle, displayed simply for the pink and gray spines that tie in with my living room colors. The second thing is the patterns on the front and back covers. Found these two yesterday at the thrift store and dang, they're too pretty to shelve with all my other books and so they are displayed on a table.
Giddy got his summer shave and came home exhausted from all the attention. Spoiled rotten is all I can say.
I've always thought patriotic bunting is so Martha's Vineyard. Found this bunting at Dollar Tree and although I don't have a sweeping wraparound porch to hang it from, they worked rather well in my windows.


Christine said...

I agree with you about the Reader's Digest. I have several that I got at a thrift store just for the colors of their spines. Yes, they look great on a shelf.
(I might even have the same one that you have on your header)

Heidi Ann said...

Too funny about the RD Condensed Books! Because just recently I found some in the free box outside one of my favorite thrift shops, and I couldn't just leave them there! The covers were too nice-looking!
So, home with me they came!

Empty Nest Full Life said...

Just returned from vacation and loved all that you did for graduation. I know everything was wonderful!!!!Got to e-mail you later. Jackie

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