Friday, May 14, 2010

Fasten My Seatbelt

With Ali's wedding weekend past (and boy, do I miss the crafting and creating already!), I'm focused on Harleigh's graduation coming up on May 22. Planning a breakfast, a lunch, an open house. There's pressure washing to happen to the patios and patio furniture, gutters to be cleaned, more plantings to undertake, the house to be cleaned, a dog to have groomed. Here's a rather fuzzy picture of the neighborhood sign that lists all of our graduating seniors.
We have her Senior Picnic this Saturday and Harleigh decided on what she wants to give her group of girlfriends. Of course it involves me and a craft project. I've got six projects to get done tonite; the first of the seven took me three hours last night. I don't have the luxury of three hours a piece for the remaining six, so momma needs to kick it up a notch tonite.

I also have to get Harleigh ready for her class's senior trip to a dude ranch in Colorado. We have to be at the airport on Sunday morning at 6:30. Yikes.

Oh, and I'm in charge of all the decorations for our church's Vacation Bible School which is June 7-11. That will take a priority once graduation happens.

And this, my friends, is what I plan on doing come June 12 . . . [With the onslaught of warm weather, Gideon finds a hardwood floor bed and the cool stone of the fireplace hearth for a pillow. And it doesn't matter how uncomfortable a position he winds up in.]


Rachel said...

Wow - you are busy! Congrats to Harleigh on her graduation. My daughter's grad is this week. Last night was the commencement/mass and tonight is the big banquet and dance. She's getting her hair and makeup done as we speak. Plus, I am one of the grad advisors at the school (she goes to the school where I teach) so it's been busy from both ends. But isn't it fun!!!

Are you going to show us your craft projects? I'd love to see what you've been creating.

Christine said...

Don't read this! Get back to working on all your decorations and craft projects.
Sending you a pray of completion, followed by a pray of relief.


Honey said...

There is that sweet doggie I love so much! :) Boy girl! You are one busy chickie. The things we do for people we love. I will pray you get everything done and still have your mind after it is all over. June 12th will be here before you know it. I will also pray for your heart with your little girl graduating. I can only imagine what that feels like. Hang in there Mama! :)

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