Friday, May 8, 2015

The Blue Vacation

I mentioned in the last post that when Rick Strickland shared his "blue period" paintings with me, I was  again struck by how much this vacation has been all about the color blue. Here are some pictures below of our trip. And you'll see that there was a thread of blue in just about everything.

We had two beautiful bikes to ride, one of them a teal blue with a jaunty basket on the handlebars.
We rode one day up and down the only road on Alligator Point (Alligator Drive), and we laughed and talked and picked our favorite houses. While the screened-in porch of our house overlooked the blue ocean, coming out our front door gifted us with a view of Alligator Harbor (and Harleigh's new car, which she graciously agreed to use as the vacationmobile; my Honda CRV with close to 240,000 miles on it is a bit of a wing and a prayer).

These chairs came down to the beach with us everyday. And love the BLUE ladder.

The homeowners have a kiddie pool at the base of the deck and encourage renters to wash off their feet before coming into the house. This little blue pool was in constant use. Not just for washing off sandy feet, but for washing shells, and boy did I have a field day shelling.

In a little shop right outside of Alligator Point I found this metal Beach sign. Harleigh encouraged me to get it as she knew that this trip was far too important and treasured not to have a memento come home with us (this was, of course, before I acquired my Richard Strickland original, the best keepsake of all).

We went to a thrift store one day, and I found these two floral tins (I collect them!!) for 50 cents a piece. This was when the whole blue thing was really starting to get a little freaky deaky.

The outdoor shower. Adorbs.
I never used it, but when I'd go outside and downstairs to do laundry, 
I'd pop in and just stand there soaking in all the beachy cuteness sans water.
'Cause I am a character.

The outdoor light fixtures oozed charm.

You can see our blue chairs down at the beach. Heaven.

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Christine said...

I'm laughing because it's like when you get a new car, you see it all over the place.
Your new painting must of trigger it!

I love the color Blue!

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