Monday, September 22, 2014


With a tinge of Fall in the air, I was knee-deep in working outdoors (painting, flower arranging, building, watering, reading, talking on the phone). I got up early all weekend just so as not to waste any of the warm, breezy days. You name it, I took it outside with me. My driveway looked like I'd set up camp for a week. When sundown came it's a wonder I didn't pitch a tent and sleep under the stars.

I'm not a huge fan of Halloween. When Harleigh was a little girl, it was fun. But now that I'm an old character, Halloween usually means coming home from work, turning off all the outdoor and indoor lights, and reading by flashlight in bed just to keep the trick-or-treaters away. I know. I know. A bit of a Halloween scrooge. But I do like our church's Trunk or Treat. Now for that, I'll be ALL in the spirit! For the sign-up poster at the church to collect names for who will be decorating a trunk, I wanted to do something three-dimensional. I saw these figurines at Dollar Tree, and the idea hit me. Here is the poster, the two dressed-up dolls sitting on the open tailgate of a pick-up truck. (The image of the truck in the picture below was a janky printed version from my ink-deprived printer. I later replaced it, as you'll see in subsequent pictures, with a much better quality image.)

I used an old black metal book end for the "open tailgate." Taped it onto the black board using black duck tape. Glued the two figures onto the base of the book end. Behind the figures, there's room for pens.

Chateau Gahan gets her Halloween on with a few special touches. I don't like the look of that stretchable fake spiderweb stuff when it's put it on real thick. I've seen people use it to where it looks like a layer of pillow batting. The secret is to stretch it super good.

If Dollar Tree were a man, I'd marry it. 
It's where all my Halloween decorations come from.

Nothing like spiders . . . everywhere.

Oh, and for the record, I do get giddy about Halloween for one VERY special reason . . . the next day begins listening to Christmas music and the wearing of Christmas pins (a different one every day until Christmas — and I still have a ton left unworn!!!!).


Martha Dehne said...

Hey! what about Thanksgiving?? Did you skip right over that? My mom had a rule "No Christmas until after Thanksgiving!" :)

Josie // Hello Josephine said...

I have already put together this season's Christmas music playlist... and I may have already listened to it once or twice. Something about this year has me so ready for Christmas! I agree full heartedly on the art of cobweb hanging... some people just don't get it.

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