Saturday, August 9, 2014

Pool Noodle "Candle" Centerpieces

Christina Pugh, one of Harleigh's dearest friends and a photographer
also works at Camp All-American.
She plays a big part in the planning and set-up of the end-of-summer CAA banquet,
attended by all the counselors, staff, supporters, and host families.
She asked if I would help her out, and I offered to create the table centerpieces.

What I knew to be true:
1) The tables would be round banquet tables
2) Black tablecloths
3) Figuring on roughly 300 people, 30 dining tables
4) Dinner — buffet style
5) The huge room would be on the dark side most of the dinner and subsequent program
6) After dinner, everyone would help break down the tables and move everything off the floor to make room for dancing.

I knew I wanted candlelight. It's elegant and would make the evening feel special
for a ton of people who had worked their tails off all summer.

I also knew that the centerpieces had to have some substance.
Didn't want something small swimming in the middle of a large sea of tablecloth.

The biggest challenge was that the centerpieces would have to be easily moved 
when the room was converted into a giant dance floor.

I came up with the idea to use pool noodles to create "candles."
How kitschy. What a nod to summer. And how easy a craft to tackle!

I debated using real tea lights, but with the centerpieces having to be moved right after the dinner program, I didn't want there to be liquid wax spilling. So I opted for the battery-operated flickering tea lights. I purchased these from Amazon, and they were amazingly real and bright.

• I purchased 60 pool noodles. It took 2 noodles to make one centerpiece.
• Cut the noodles into varying lengths with a super sharp chef's knife, careful to make a straight cut on one end. Some of the ends I wanted slightly angled to give them the look of a real, melting candle.
• Then, with an exacto knife, I cut a circle in one end of each noodle. The circle was the width and depth of the tea light (I wanted only the flame of the tea light to show, so the depth had to hide the plastic base of the light). I made sure not to cut them any larger width wise. At the same size, or better yet, even a tad smaller, the hole hugged the tea light nicely, keeping them intact, but still easy to be removed for turning on and off.
• After I cut the circle, I made another cut at the base of the first cut so that the circular piece of noodle could be lifted out to leave a hole for the tea light.
• I cut out 30 pieces of  13" x 13" sturdy black card stock to glue the candles onto. This would make them easy to move (and the black blended in with the black tablecloths, so you really didn't even see the board).
• I then glued the noodle pieces together with a small string of glue between each, and glued each on the bottom. I could have just glued them on the bottom and onto the card, but I wanted them super sturdy, and I didn't want gaps between them. I tied a piece of string around the grouping while they dried to keep them together, then cut the string off when the glue dried.

Here is the finished product.
I had some leftover pieces of noodle that I used as single candles 
and in small groupings on the buffet tables.

Here are just some of the 30 centerpieces in my garage ready to go to the banquet.

Unfortunately, I didn't get any pictures of the banquet room with the lights down and
all the centerpieces lit. But let me tell you . . . it was spectacular, if I must say so myself.
And everyone loved them.

I did shoot this video at home so you can see just how great the tea lights are!

The tea lights are going into the church event stash.
And I plan on taking all the noodles apart; camp can use them next year for a game or something.

This would be a great idea for tables at a pool party.
Or for a kid's summer birthday party.


Daughn said...

Dawn, Thank you so much for your beautiful pool noodle centerpiece, and for the DIY instructions. I can't believe no one has commented on your post yet! It deserves recognition. God bless you.
From another Dawn :D

Unknown said...

This is awesome! What a great idea! I’m going to do this for the grandkids!

Unknown said...

Great idea! Something that looks expensive but not! Kids can help make these and you won't have to worry about them getting burnt , with you doing the glueing if using hot glue.

Unknown said...

What are the measurements of each "candle"

Unknown said...

What are the measurements of each "candle"

Clean, Redeemed and Living the Dream said...

These are so awesome. This is a great end if summer party or anytime summer get together. Thanks for the tutorial.

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