Monday, July 7, 2014

A 4-day holiday weekend

We had off of work both Thursday and Friday.
It was glorious. A mini vacation of sorts.

A week ago, a friend from church (and a follower of my blog), Lynne, sent me a link to her favorite auction house (and one that happens to be on the way to her family's vacation home on Lake Keowee) where, lo and behold, a Karen Hollingsworth print was being auctioned off on June 29.

I wasn't able to attend the auction, but put in a left bid (absentee bid) and won!

This past Saturday, Harleigh and I popped a Backstreet Boys into the CD player, and 
headed to Walhalla, SC for a mother/daughter road trip to pick up my win, 
making a lunch stop at Cracker Barrel (because it really isn't a road trip without it).
Warther's posts images of what will be auctioned off.

Here is what I bid on. 
I was 99% sure that it was not an original, but rather a print.

Much to my delight, it's a huge framed print on canvas.
Hung it in my bedroom where I can see it while lying in bed.

My room is finally coming together (after living in this house since 1999!).
I found four salesman button sample sheets at Simple Finds.
Wound up putting them in simple white IKEA frames, 
using a matted silver paper for the background.

On the sheet below, there was a blank spot where a button card had been.
I went into my vintage sewing stash and found one to put in its place.

The four white-button sheets went above my bed. 
This one, all colored buttons, got a floral background and now lives in the ken.

Two weekend projects.
This one completed and now for sale in my booth.
A chippy blue metal patio table used to have a Garden Ridge umbrella. See here.
But after years in the elements, the fabric had started to rot.
So I ripped it off of the wooden skeleton of a frame 
and fashioned a new canopy out of a vintage tablecloth.
I put a grommet in the center of the cloth 
and a small nail in the top of the pole.
That way, it's secured but can be removed easily.
Same goes for the tiny grommets I put in the cloth where each spoke is.
Tied the canopy down at each spoke with teal blue ribbon. 

This project I made only a dent in this long holiday weekend.
This cabinet (a childs' cubby from a preschool classroom)
was on our church loading dock with a sign that said "trash."
This has possibility written all over it.
Gave it a good washing and a coat of white paint.
Deciding what to do next!

And last but not least, was thrilled that the website Red Tricycle
featured my snow globe baby shower invitations!
See my snow globes here.
(And the original blog post where the editor of Red Tricyle first spied them.
And the complete baby shower here and here.)

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Elizabeth said...

Love the framed buttons! I might just steal that idea for my studio, since the wall are still bare :)

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