Monday, March 24, 2014


Arrived home on Saturday afternoon.
Hard to leave the beach,
but so easy to come home to Chateau Gahan.
I miss her when I'm gone.

Some final images from our time on St. Helena Island.

These pix were taken on a day trip to Hunting Island State Park.
After days of rain and dreariness, it felt so good to set up my chair on the sand
and warm myself in the sun.

The lighthouse on Hunting Island was a treat. 
The little museum was fascinating. 
Definitely worth visiting.

This little lizard was with us all week.
Gideon didn't discover him until the last day.
I told him not to bother the little guy, 
and so my gentle giant entertained himself by engaging in a stare-off.
I don't know who won; I got bored and left.

Yes, I have a pair of rubber overshoes.
I know. I know.
I'm neither a 90-year-old man nor
a farmer in Iceland.
Just a gal from Norcross, GA who was dang glad to have these for treks 
on the beach in chilly, wet weather.

Gideon turned seven on St. Patty's Day.
I'd like to think that this was his best birthday ever, what with being at the beach and all.
The way the hair on his legs curls when damp with salt water . . .
so stinkin' cute.

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