Monday, December 9, 2013

Deck the Halls

I don't know how you'd describe my Christmas decorating style.
It's a mix of tacky and tasteful.
Pastel and primary.
Vintage and modern.
Sorta all over the place. 
And it works, at least for me.

A Dollar Tree glittered ribbon adorns the hallway portrait 
of my Dad from his art school days.

And a big one graces the lampshade
in Harleigh's bathroom. 
The hallway sports the same treatment as last year —
white wreath on the linen closet door, and a 
stash of candy canes tied in ribbon and leaning in the corner.

The dollhouse on the hutch got a little flocked Christmas tree.

The trio of elves found a new home this year on a shelf in the study.

A small tree with glass ornaments sets atop the fridge.

And there's one in the foyer on the desk.
One of Gideon's favorite perches; he can look out the window at the front yard and street.
The paint along the floorboard is all chipped from where his nails have worn the paint.
I can't bear to repaint it. It would be like painting over the pencil tick marks on a door jamb where you've documentedyour children's heights over the years.

A tacky vintage reindeer on the hutch.

A vintage enamelware tub with pink poinsettias.
The cuckoo clock always gets a bottle brush wreath on the cuckoo's door.

Ice skates and the vintage sled I got at a yard sale for $5.

My favorite addition this year. 
The chalkboard-painted canvas from our Feast (used it as the menu)
with Linus's monologue from 
A Charlie Brown Christmas.

One of my crafted gifts this year, for my niece who is in graduate school studying Library Sciences.
Earlier this year, Spoonflower was offering a free square of any of their fabrics.
I dug around and found this card catalog fabric.
Made it into a little pillow.

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