Monday, October 28, 2013

The holidays make me crafty crazy!!!!!

There is something about the cooler weather 
and the giddy excitement of Thanksgiving and Christmas to come 
that kicks my crafty self into full tilt.
Here are just a few projects that have kept me busy (happy).

Amanda, a co-worker, celebrated her baby girl's one-year birthday this past weekend.
When on the Thursday before, she voiced her disappointment about not having a birthday banner for the party (and pressed for time, herself, to channel Pinterest and craft one), I volunteered to make one!

With just an evening to make it happen, I resorted to a mix of fabric and paper 
(not ideal, as I would have rather made the whole garland out of fabric).

I pulled a crisp white cotton shantung fabric from a stash my mom gave me 
(I never turn down gifted fabric, ever. Never know when I'll need it for costumes or crafts.)
Cut out the triangles using pinking sheers.
Then sewed on white ball fringe I'd gotten in bulk on clearance at Hobby Lobby for some insane price.
The letters is where I cheated. Pulling from my stock of scrapbook papers, 
I free-handed cutting out letters and Mod Podged them onto the fabric.
The two letter I's got button tittles. And the ends of the bunting sport satin ties.
All in all, it came out great.
And dear little Adeline got her birthday banner!
(Here it is hung at the office for the purpose of getting pictures.)

For my antique-mall booth, I've been trying to incorporate handcrafted projects.
Not sure about their selling power, but it's worth a shot.
This lampshade got lace panels, flannel adornment and ball-fringe trim. 
Added three butterflies and have it hanging with ivory ribbon.
Could be used as an actual lampshade or a mobile.

In my craft room, I got rid of a nondescript IKEA bookshelf in favor of this Craigslist find.
With a coat of white paint, it oozes cottage charm (please excuse the iPhone image). 
In its original state, it was a warm maple, but would have needed a fairly labor-intensive refinishing.
I would have preferred to give it a coat of Annie Sloan, 
but instead pulled out the white spray paint I had on hand.
My collection of buttons, once relegated to a closet, are now housed in a glass cylinder vase
 and nestled into a decorative bird cage.

I've been wanting to make a cover for my computer monitor for quite awhile.
Most times I'm on a laptop, so this computer doesn't get used very often.
When sorting my vast stash of pillowcases the other day, I came across this pillow sham.
With a few folds and a press of stitch witchery, I made a no-sew screen cozy!


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Amanda Young said...

Thank you for the AMAZING birthday banner! You saved me once again and helped me look like Super Mom! It was absolutely beautiful and a big hit at her first birthday party.

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