Monday, September 23, 2013

Branding, Signage . . . Go With Your Heart

I entertained lots of names for my little space, but no matter how much I willed "cottage charm" and "vintage crafty" to capture my heart, it always came back to "Gahan Girls." It's my blog, it's what Dawn (mom) and Harleigh (daughter) are, and it's what has become synonymous with entering the front door of Chateau Gahan and living comfortably and contentedly amidst pretty things and pampering ways.

Once that was settled, I started brainstorming signage. I knew I wanted some fabric draping to soften up the shelves (thank you Simple Finds resident stylist J.P.), and I had found the perfect fabric at Goodwill for $3.00. So why not combine the curtain-like drape with the sign itself. In one of my know-I'll-find-a-use-for-this-someday moments, I had saved the cardboard insert from a bolt of fabric. My inspiration!

And so with some cutting, wrapping, pinning and gluing, I created a sign that looks like a bolt of fabric unfurling itself. For the hanger, I bought a measuring tape, cut it in half, and secured it on each end, tying it in the center where it hangs from a nail. For the Gahan Girls name, I played around with creating the letters using black yarn, but it wound up looking like Giddyup cowboy font, so I pulled out the trusty black Sharpie and drew it on by hand. I have a bit of sprucing up to do on the twist of the tape and the way the tie hangs, but it's up! Along with my custom price tags, the branding is established!

In addition to showcasing all my vintage finds, I came up with the idea of selling what I'm calling Instant Collections. Often times I find bags of collectibles for cheap cheap cheap. Nestled into a jar, they take on a whole new charm! I spray paint the lids gold, and each is adorned with a baker's-twine-tied tag that says Instant Collection with the name of the collection handwritten in colorful marker. Here is what my signage says:

Instant Collections

Instant Collections are jars of collectibles, ready to get anyone started on the fun hobby of collecting.

Perfect gift for a little boy or girl — or anyone for that matter — you think would 
enjoy "the hunt" that we collectors find so intoxicating!

Or, buy one for yourself. Think outside the box — use as cake and gift toppers, stocking stuffers, 
inside a snow globe, fillers for advent calendar pockets/boxes.

I also finished my shell-encrusted bust, which is displayed under a glass cloche.
It will be tough to part with her, but saying goodbye to that project
leads to another just as relaxing and fun to work on.

And on a side note, Walmart has these darling miniature pies, about 3" in diameter. 
In apple, peach, cherry, blueberry, and a few others. 
And all are baked in a tin, 
and packaged in an adorable box with a cellophane window
and the designated fruit on the side.

How cute would these be for a shower or tea, tied up with ribbon and a tag.
The peach pie would make a nice addition to a hotel guest bag for a wedding.
And at 63 cents a piece, quite the bargain.


karen said...

Your sign is so cute! I had to comment when I saw your jar of "wishniks", I love these little dolls, I have some saved in a little bin. I am 57 years old and can open on and the smell of the new doll will take me right back to younger days. I have a little bride that is just adorable! Little things that make you smile mean so much!

Gretchen said...

I love your sign for your booth! It is just perfect touch.

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