Monday, August 12, 2013

When Cleaning Turns to Acquiring

I was really proud of myself this weekend. It all began with my company dissolving the contents of an off-site storage unit. A bunch of crap was sent off to recycling. And what was left were probably 20+ industrial shelving units that my boss decided to list on Craigslist as "free; just come and get 'em." And with that said, four of them came home with me (the balance to a start-up company, giddy at the idea that their warehouse space — aka, home garage — would be outfitted quickly and at no expense other than the gas to drive over!).

Well, I know that whenever I purchase anything for organizing/containing/storing, there will be a massive overhaul effort involved. One that turns into a big stinkin' ordeal. And such was the case with the four shelves that called out my name from the echoey cavern of a lone storage cube.

So, tired of the anxiety of looking around at disarray and dust, and in the 100+ degree heat of the ATL, I put these beauties together and went about cleaning, moving, trashing, boxing, etc. all of the "treasures" of my garage and attic (I only used two of the four shelves; the other two will go up when I won't sweat like a pig). Ignore all the stuff in front of the shelves; they're a trip waiting to go up to the attic or off to school with Harleigh this week. Just feast your eyes on the shelves themselves and the plastic bins, and the neat way things are stacked and lined up. Makes my frown turn upside down.

I had a few items to be tossed that wouldn't fit into my trash can, so I made a dumpster trip and found these weather-worn wood pieces. Carted them home and am thinking they have promise.

I'm a busy girl through the end of the year. Am throwing a baby shower for dear friend Ali in October, been hired to design a reception for a November 23 wedding, may have a Sweet 16 party to design and plan in December, and the usual holiday entertaining that throws me into a giggly frenzy. And all of this bustle makes me want to get things in order.

The picture below is what delivered this weekend to Chateau Gahan. With our kitchen table and chairs going on loan to Harleigh (graduating roommate took table and chairs), the space in the ken (the den I've created off of my kitchen) needed filling. I have ALWAYS wanted a hutch. The collage above captures, in part, the type of hutch I adore. Every English decorating/lifestyle book I own pictures numerous covetable pieces of this furniture, most often in the kitchen, cluttered with mismatched china dishes and cups, children's artwork, a hobnail lamp, pottery with fresh flowers . . . shelves, drawers and surfaces of random prettiness.  The hutch on the lower left (image from Stacey at A Sort of Fairytale) is the one I've most swooned over. The perfect size, the perfect color, the right amount of adornment . . . it belongs in a Goldilocks cottage.

My new addition is a bit different than what I thought I'd wind up with. I had originally thought I'd want open shelves, but I like the idea of storing rather than displaying, and maybe the glass-front doors will keep dust to a minimum. It's a warm shade of honey maple, but not sure if I want to dress it in a warm coat of ivory chalk paint. I'm missing out a bit on the curvy wood trims and beadboard detailing of my storybook ideal, but I'm happy. It's about as cute as can be (and my trusty sidekick with the butt-crack hairdo agrees). I'll take more pix as I get it all gussied up.

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