Saturday, July 13, 2013


I was home this past week on what I had branded a "staycation." 
I should have looked up the word before using that particular word to label my week-off at home.
I ran around like a chicken with my head cut off (happily), 
doted on my daughter (pretending I was a stay-at-home mom), 
began work on a grand-scale baby shower (hired, through recommendation, by a woman and her sister who loved my design presentation and 
gave me the go-ahead on nearly all that I had created and brainstormed!),
and cooked and baked for 8 college boys (tried new recipes 
and loved having a houseful of grateful, hungry men).

It was a great week, but I never cracked a book, took a nap, watched mindless TV,
got tan lines, had a cocktail at 4:00 in the afternoon, or worked on a 1,000-piece jigsaw puzzle.
In other words, it was no week at the beach.

Here are some images from the week. 
Back to work on Monday, grateful for the time to nest, something that I do 
with great gusto and always a fulfilling outcome.

Harleigh and Kasey headed out this evening to a wedding.
I love her dress. A cute evening dress is even smarter when it has pockets.
Better posing options for sure.

Lots of quality time with this guy over the week.

My front garden is happy with Shasta Daisies. Every room in the house has a vase.

The 4th of July was such a dud this year because of the rain. 
But my front door succulent wreath was sunny with little flags.

Made dinner Thursday night for Kasey and 7 of his camp counselors. 
Poppy seed chicken, steamed broccoli, crockpot mac and cheese. . . . . . 
and for dessert — dark chocolate and bacon cupcakes 
with a semi-sweet chocolate ganache icing and bacon decoration 
AND these salty and sweet ice cream truffles 
(vanilla ice cream balls rolled in crushed Lay's potato chips). 
Cooking for college boys is heaven!!!

The cupcakes were good, but not worth the effort.
I was looking for more bacon flavor.
But my first stab at making ganache was the silver lining in this recipe.
Ganache, I love you. Will you marry me?

8 college boys at the house, polite ones who take their shoes off without even asking. 
They ate an entire 5-quart crockpot filled to the top with homemade mac and cheese. Amazing.
And before the boys left, Harleigh called to ask if a bunch of girls could come over
for a sleepover. I love that our house, even though it's small, is a place where kids want to hangout, where they feel special and pampered. I am one happy mom.

For the boys' Bible study time, they went up to the treehouse. 

The end of the week ended with a treat.
A day of thrifting with Karen, Kasey's mom, before heading to assembly at camp
(where Harleigh and Kasey work), then the four of us having dinner.
I saw this at one of the thrift stores. With a $30 price tag, I'm assuming the doll has some value,
not the hand-knitted body suit he's wearing. What the heck!?!?

And this, this is what makes a week off at home feel special even if there is no sand between my toes. 
Chateau Gahan hugs me with contentment, appreciation, and love.

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