Saturday, July 28, 2012

A Leader

I've watched Harleigh grow so much this summer. It's really amazing to see a child turning into an adult. I've always loved her (well, there have been times when I wanted to sell her to the gypsies), but as she matures and becomes more comfortable in her skin, more sure of who she is and where she's going, what her purpose is and convicted about how the choices she makes shape her future . . . this is the point in a parent/child relationship when truly liking your child becomes one of the sweetest gifts of parenthood. I like her for her kind spirit, her sense of humor, her social graces and her commitment to Christ. And this summer, I've seen her whip-smart ability to lead with both compassion and accountability for the responsibilities put before her.

As a core leader at Camp All American, she has led and discipled 8 counselors. A core leader must have a heart of service, flexibility and humility. After years of being a counselor, she slipped into this leadership role not fully knowing what was ahead of her. She has wound up loving it, challenges and all.

This past week, the next to last before camp is over, Harleigh took all the girls out for a sushi dinner and asked me to take some pictures. I was more than happy! (I apologize for some of my cheesy Glamour Shots effects, but the images of these girls laughing and loving each other in 100 degree heat just made me feel cheesy happy!)

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Celestial Charms said...

So lovely to see dedication, drive, and togetherness in such lovely young ladies. You should be proud! Love that photo of the girls posing by the cute.

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