Thursday, July 14, 2011

Love Arrows

 And so Jesse, one of the two September wedding gals whose wedding I'm helping with, fell in love with the arrows featured on DesignSponge. And so I got to work on crafting them. Instead of using wooden hearts, ala designsponge, I made a felt version and a paper version. Had some trouble gluing the cut feathers onto the dowel (because the feathers aren't straight, I'd glue down one end only for the other end to pop up and visa versa), and so I opted to glue the entire feather to the wood, knowing that you'd only be looking at one side. (Laura at work said I should steam the feathers to straighten them.) The paint and embroidery floss are in her wedding colors. Love her palette!

I plan on making more, trying out wooden hearts, straightening then cutting the feathers, and gluing on paper like the ones on designsponge. 

We'll incorporate them into the wedding ceremony and reception. Got to give that some thought.

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