Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Statesboro Linens

What a great three days in Statesboro visiting Harleigh for Georgia Southern University's Parents' Weekend. It was a low-key kinda visit with the game on Saturday night being a big highlight. With Harleigh's schedule the way it is (packed to the gills), I had a lot of Dawn time, which is one of favorite ways to unwind. There was people watching at the Statesboro Mall (which is the size of a postage stamp), thrifting, walking the campus, even some stolen intervals in my hotel room watching cable channels (this cheapskate has the basic package at home and misses out on all the good stuff) like TLC, Bravo and MTV. Harleigh and I had a craft session (at her request!) to make spirit items to wear to the game: I fashioned myself a blue and gold corsage and she created quite a lovely gold headband. I so enjoyed watching her with her friends; makes a mom proud to see a young woman so gracious with those around her.

Home to my little man on Sunday and all the goodness that is Chateau Gahan.
Here are some finds from the Statesboro Goodwill. This vintage Cuba tablecloth for $1.99. Turns out it's worth a heck-uv-a-lot more!! See what it sold for online!!! I think I need to start listing on eBay.
This pillowcase is just about the sweetest thing to lay my head on!
And this curtain and valance with flocked daisies. Come on . . . flocked. How could I pass this up!?!?!

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Christine said...

Good times and souvenirs. Sounds like a great time.

Leaving must still sting. Hang in there. Won't be long before it doesn't "smart" so much.

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